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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a guarantee?
Yes. If at anytime during the production process, you don't like what you see or anything about the process, we'll refund your full payment, no questions asked.
What do you mean by guaranteed "delivery in 48 hours?" 48 hours from when?
Once you've approved the script and story, we'll take 48 hours to produce your video. It typically takes 48 to 72 hours to complete the story and script, but that time varies depending on how many changes you desire.
What type of support is provided?
We are a virtual service provider and very proud of our ability to deliver and support clients better than any others do from an office. We provide, in most cases, email support. However, whenever it's necessary we use virtual calls as well. We want you to feel comfortable about every step of the process.
Can multiple styles of sketches be used in a single video.
Yes, this can be done. This is more complicated than most imagine and requires special pricing. Please let us know your special needs via our contact page.

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